A4 printers are making a comeback

You can pick up printers anywhere these days; online, from your stationary supplier and even at your local supermarket. These, are what we consider personal printers.

We help companies position single function printers intelligently. Our range of Lexmark printers has one of the lowest running costs on the market, embedded print management software and is designed for professional use.

So whether you are looking for a single printer, or printers to compliment your existing fleet of photocopiers, we can help.

A new way of working

Traditionally, organisations have been encouraged to centralise print through the implementation of photocopiers and the removal of desktops printers. Whilst this may reduce costs, it presents an impractical way of working, staff may have to leave their office to collect a print job and administration and senior management question the security of confidential documents.

Lexmark Printers

Our range of Lexmark’s can give back the use of desktop printers in your office at one of the lowest costs on the market and are fully backed up by Geerings service agreements. The Lexmark printers can be used in isolation or compliment a fully managed print service.

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