Reducing print spend

We can help you stop pouring your money down the drain

“According to the Gartner Group, office printing consumables account for up to 5% of a company’s revenue”


We specialise in helping businesses and schools reduce their print spend. Purchasing equipment and toner, either online or through a stationary supplier can be an expensive way of working. By intelligently placing printers and photocopiers, on a cost per copy service agreement, you can see savings of up to 40%

Print Audit

We offer a free print audit and cost evaluation to help you understand the true cost of printing and document workflow in your organisation. The results enable us to recommend a fully managed service.

Print audit software will detect every networked printer and photocopier and provide an output volume report, we will monitor this for a 30 day period in order to obtain an accurate understanding of your usage.

Whilst this raw data is important to producing a comprehensive report, we will also discuss your organisations printing habits with key users. It is here, that we often discover key information that forms the design of your managed print service. Questions will include, how many printers do you print to? Can you and do you need to print in colour, do you print sensitive and confidential documents?

The final stage is a site survey; a walk around of your offices and understand where your equipment is located.

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Desktop Printers

Desktop printer can be an expensive way of printing. Whilst the printers are relatively cheap to purchase, the running costs are extremely high. The most commonly used printers in an office environment can cost up 7p for a mono page and 35p for a colour page. In addition, as they are typically designed for home use, they will not withstand the volumes of an office use, which means they quickly become disposable items.

Our range of Lexmark printers are available on a cost per copy basis and are backed up by a Geerings service agreement. These devices can be used in isolation or integrate into a managed print service.

As mentioned above, we can produce an audit of your current printers and provide an unbiased, accurate review of your organisations print spend and document workflow.

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