3D Printers

3D printing is a process that takes a digital design and creates a physical object by adding material layer by layer. 3D printing technology is constantly evolving and the materials available to print in are increasing. 3D printing is a fast growing segment of the print industry and is being used in more and more industries, including

  • Car manufactures
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Prosthetics
  • Aircraft manufactures
  • Prop makers
  • Product designers
  • Architects
  • Education
  • Design entrepreneurs
  • Shoe manufacturers
  • Construction

We have already worked with a number of schools in the South East as 3D printers are becoming a classroom essential to support the design and technology curriculum; enabling students to see their deigns from concept to production.

We are working with our manufacturers to bring the latest technologies in 3D printing to the commercial and education markets in the South East. 3D printing is a high paced, evolving market and we will continue to develop and deliver innovative products that meet your needs and requirements.