Our Vision

To be our industry’s most respected brand.

Our Mission

To supply customers in the South East with a managed print service that combines industry leading service, operational excellence and exceptional customer support, whilst remaining true to the core values that our company was built upon and earning trust by doing business the right way.

Our Values

The core values at Geerings are the principles that guide the way we do business. We have evolved over the years, but remain true to the values that our company was built upon. Today, our values are underpinned by our need to put our customers first.

Fairness in our dealings we are committed to undertaking all our business activities in a fair, transparent and responsible spirit.

Continuous improvement of our products and services we are committed to listening to the needs and desires of our customers and their industries and deliver innovative products and service that enable you to achieve your business goals.

Regard for people we are courteous and respectful of others, both inside and outside of our organisation.

Individual responsibility for high performance not only as a company, but as individuals, we are committed to delivering excellence.

We are proud of the family culture that exists at Geerings. Staff spend more time at work during the week than with their family and loved ones, and we are committed to providing a workplace where our staff genuinely enjoy what they do at work, and who they work with.


Our History

Geerings was founded in 1903, with what was then the latest print technology. On New Year’s Day 1903, Walter Geering borrowed £20 to buy a printing press. The bill is framed and hangs on the company’s boardroom wall today. That courageous first step led to a multi-million pound business that 114 years later remains in the same family.