Common misconceptions in the print industry

Print is dead. Print is harming the planet. Print is too expensive.  There have been many articles in the last few years addressing these points, and these statements paint a very negative scene for the print industry. But in fact these ideas are amongst the common misconceptions in the print industry. Some companies understand the value of print but many companies are being swayed by these misconceptions into thinking that print is on it’s way out.

The Print Industry is dead

Firstly in regards to idea that print is dead, this is simply false. The rise of digital has installed a belief that there is simply no need for print anymore and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The digital revolution has indeed created many challenges for the print industry but it hasn’t killed it. Print and digital are not competing, in many instances they will work effectively together in many marketing strategies. Many businesses can go print free but many will not be as effective if they do this.

The Print Industry is harming the planet

Secondly there is the misconception that print is incredibly bad for the environment as it is killing all of the trees and forests, and so digital is the only way forward. Whilst printing does have an impact on the environment and wasteful printing should be avoided, if done correctly print is not destroying the planet. Many people don’t realise that paper is in fact a renewable source and can be easily recycled. The industry has become conscious of the environmental impacts and many regulations have been set up. There are also many companies that specialise in selling paper stock to businesses made solely from recycled materials. At Geerings we are committed to helping businesses drive environmental efficiency through our managed print services.

Print is too expensive

‘Print is too expensive’ many business will cite as the reason for not using paper products. If this is the case then we can assume that they haven’t been managing their printing needs correctly or have not worked with the right print provider. At Geerings, we are experts at managing print which in turn makes your business more efficient and thus saves you money. We have the best printing equipment and processes which will all help keep printing costs down.  If you work with the right print provider your businesses workflow could be improved, customer service enhanced and delivery could be quicker.

The biggest misconception is perhaps the idea that the print industry is dying as it no longer holds any value or weight thanks to the arrival of digital.  However, print is far from dead despite the ever-changing digital developments we are seeing. Print is deeply ingrained into our history and it is here to stay for the foreseeable future despite what these misconceptions might otherwise suggest.

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