How To Make Your Office Run More Efficiently

When running a business or managing a department, you become well aware of the need to carry out tasks efficiently – especially in the fast-paced business world, where hitting deadlines is paramount to success.


Changing office protocol, equipment, and even layout, are all common trial and error strategies to attempt to improve the working efficiency of an office, but what actually works? Here, we will provide three of the best ways to make your office run more efficiently.


Real-time communication services

If you have a large office, sometimes a quick phone call to another department is not efficient and employees have to walk to other departments to hunt down colleagues to collaborate on projects and tasks. The time taken to walk to other departments can add up over the year, and lose a business valuable working hours.


Instead, why not get a state-of-the-art real-time communication tool such as an interactive whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard is the perfect tool to help employees share documents that can be discussed and edited in real time. This can be done simultaneously from different locations, making it a time saving and efficient solution to losing those valuable business hours.


Use centralised print or personal printers in the right way

Centralised printing can work well for open plan offices, but for more traditional office spaces it can present an impractical way of working. This is because staff may have to leave their office to collect a print job, which is often when you encounter employees stood around the corridors having a quick chat while on their way to or from “the printing room”.


Another concern is with administration and senior management questioning the security of confidential documents when a centralised printing area is used – although these issues can be easily overcome with a print management system. Security is no longer an issue in this case, as print jobs can be released with a pin number or card, to prevent unauthorised access.


Make a workable environment

To promote efficiency in your office, you also need to create a workable office space. This includes letting a lot of natural light into the building, maintaining room temperatures, and making the environment comfortable for all employees. The layout itself should consider which departments are in frequent contact with others, so the flow of the business model corresponds with the physical space of your office. All of these things can contribute to improved office efficiency.


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