Printer & Photocopier Contracts Explained

Office equipment can be expensive. Hence some of the most popular questions we get asked are, “should I purchase or should I lease a photocopier?” and “are all lease photocopier contracts the same?” If you don’t know the answer, read on.

Here we will tell you about the benefits of leasing vs purchasing, and explore the different kinds of contracts on the market, and why we don’t offer them all.

Leasing: The Benefits

Leasing can ensure you are using the latest technologyPhotocopier and print technology is constantly evolving, when you lease, you may have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest photocopier or printer every 3 years.

Fixed monthly payment. With a lease you pay a fixed monthly payment for the term of the contract, which can help you budget more effectively.

You pay nothing up front. With a lease there is no capital outlay.

Many businesses couldn’t afford to buy printing equipment outright. Leasing contracts allow businesses access to what they need but at prices they can afford to pay.

Purchasing: The Benefits

Its easier than leasing. Purchasing a photocopier or printer is easier than leasing, less paper work and no credit applications.

Upgrade without a settlement payment. If your business is expanding, you may outgrow your equipment sooner than your lease is due to end. Purchasing your photocopier or printer allows you to upgrade, and even downgrade, at any time you wish.

No interest. If you purchase you will pay less overall than a lease agreement.

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