Communication services

Our communication services offering delivers solutions that promote collaborative working within your organisation, including real time information sharing and conferencing facilities. Our portfolio of products includes interactive whiteboards, projectors and unified communications systems.

The world of business is changing and it is becoming more and more important that organisations can offer flexibility when it comes to how we work and where we work. A number of organisations have already adopted these changes through the use of new technologies but there are still a large number of business who have not and it is now, more than ever, that businesses are thinking about the need to develop and adopt working practices that promote a sustainable and productive future.

For some organisations, the thought of moving to a fully mobile workforce, whether that working from home or elsewhere, is daunting and misconstrued as an expensive and time consuming project. The range of products within our communication services offering can suit a variety of budgets, they are easy to install and operate, and can be tailored to any organisation, from SMEs to corporate.

Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards for effective collaboration between locations, displaying documents that can be edited in real time as though all those participating in the meeting were in the same room. They can also be used in isolation and operated by a PC.


For presentations, communication and collaboration, we offer a range of digital projectors to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple eco-friendly multimedia projector for your meeting room or a high-end device that will add impact in a school or university hall or conference centre.

Video conferencing

Take the meeting out of the meeting room with our video conferencing systems. Light and WiFi enabled, connect to clients anywhere in the world at anytime.

So why choose communication services?

Enhanced productivity because your staff can work from virtually anywhere, without the need to travel long distances for one meeting, resulting in a fresher workforce that can still collaborate in real time.

Cost effectiveness the cost of travel continues to increase, whether you travel by car, train or plane. Having the ability to meet virtually and collaborate, share and edit documents will dramatically reduce travel costs.

Environmentally friendly less travel means less impact on the environment, contributing  to your green credential.