Maximise your security compliance with Geerings Drive Eraser

Business are all too aware of the importance of protecting data, especially with the introduction of GDPR. However, they are less aware that even their printers and photocopiers could present a data security issue. They store images of every document that is scanned, copied, emailed and faxed.

Geerings drive Eraser is a robust data cleansing solution for any printer, photocopier, PC, laptop, server and storage environment.

With Geerings drive eraser, you can reduce the risk of costly security breaches by permanently erasing sensitive data from hard disk drives (HDDs), in your photocopiers and printers, and complex solid-state drives (SSDs) in your PC, laptops and servers.

Geerings drive eraser removes your data securely, regardless of the underlying technology and without the need to write off the equipment.

Key benefits

  • Securely remove data
  • A solution that has been verified through independent testing
  • Acknowledged by DIPCOG, ADISA and FICORA
  • Supports your organisations GDPR compliance
  • A tamper proof audit trail with our digitally-signed, post-erasure certificates

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