What is a Managed Print Service?

We define a managed print service as the assessment, optimisation and proactive management of the print environment, delivered by a provider under a contracted service level agreement. Managed Print Services contracts are either based on a cost per page model, which requires minimum volume commitments or a pay per print model where billing is based on what is actually printed.

Can I have a service contract if I purchase my equipment?

Yes. If you choose to purchase your equipment we recommend a Geerings service agreement which includes delivery and installation, training, toner, parts, labour and service calls outs.

Does my cost per copy (CPC) charge include toner?

Yes, your cost per copy charge is inclusive of toner, parts, labour and service call outs.

Will I be charged a settlement figure if I change suppliers?

If you want to upgrade your equipment before the end of your lease agreement you are liable for the outstading balance. You may also incur a service settlement. You can request a settlement figure from your supplier at anytime throughout the life of your agreement.

I am unhappy with my service provider, can I change suppliers before the end of my lease?

Yes you can, but you may be liable to pay a lease and service settlement. We offer independent contract reviews and will always provide an honest assessment of whether it is feasible to change suppliers.

Are all contracts the same length?

The industry generally recommends contracts that are between 36 and 60 months. We will work with you to ensure that your agreement is tailored to your needs.

Can I buy a printer or photocopier from the high street?

Yes you can, however, printers that are available on the high street are suited for personal use and are not suitable for an office environment. Many organisations fall into a vicious circle of buying and replacing cheap desktop printers. These devices will not come backed up with a service agreement, hence the frequent replacement. Smaller and cheaper desktop printers consume toner at a much faster rate.

Am I required to give notice on an existing service contract?

Notice periods would usually be stipulated in the terms and conditions of your service agreement, the notice required may also vary dependent on the supplier. Before you enter new agreement, we recommend you ask these types of questions so you are fully informed right from the start.