Geerings is a market leading print management service provider based in Kent. The aim of Managed Print Services (or MPS) is to help you control your printing and gain visibility. In turn this helps you boost your productivity levels and save money.

What is a Managed Print Service

We define Managed Print Services as the assessment, optimisation and proactive management of the print environment, delivered by a provider under a contracted service level agreement.

Managed Printing Services contracts are either based on a cost per page model, which requires minimum volume commitments or a pay per print model where billing is based on what is actually printed.

Many organisations are turning to print management services to optimise their print infrastructure through device consolidation and streamlined print management. Not only does a Managed Print Service deliver significant cost savings and productivity improvements, it also offers far-reaching environmental benefits, helping a business reduce its carbon footprint.

By deploying energy- efficient printers and multi-functional printers (MFPs) and implementing responsible and secure printing practices, MPS enables organisation to cut energy usage, eliminate unnecessary printing and reduce waste. With hardware disposal and consumables recycling, a Managed Print Service can play a key role in an organisation’s green IT strategy.


Managed Print Service covers three broad categories


A review of the current print environment to provide recommendations for a rationalised environment and estimated potential future savings, assessments range from basic online assessments to full workflow assessments. Environmental analysis and document security may also be included.


Device consolidation of printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines with fewer, faster, more energy efficient and more strategically placed printers and MFPs. This phase reduces user to device ratios and develops print policies to minimise wasteful printing.


Centralised print management tools monitor device and supplies usage, manage access to colour printing and provide full visibility of print usage, by user and device. This enables continuous process improvement and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring.


MPS benefits

An effective Print Management Service delivers increased visibility and control over usage, improved device availability, significant cost reductions and environmental benefits.