Desktop Printers

The sheer number of printers available on the market can leave organisations confused and asking which printer is right for my business. In addition, you can buy desktop printers everywhere, even at your local supermarket, but these are not always suitable for an office environment.

Traditionally, organisations have been encouraged to centralise print through the implementation of photocopiers and the removal of desktops printers. Whilst this may reduce costs, it presents an impractical way of working, staff may have to leave their office to collect a print job and administration and senior management question the security of confidential documents. We help companies position single function printers intelligently. Our range of Lexmark printers has one of the lowest running costs on the market and give organisations the freedom to use desktop printers in a cost effective way. With embedded print management software our Lexmark printers can be used to complement a fully managed print service or in isolation. All of our machines are backed up by a Geerings service agreement, providing you with toner, replacement parts, labour and access to our dedicated customer support teams.

Whether you are in the commercial or education sector, you need reliability when it comes to printing, and there are three common mistakes that organisations make when reviewing their print function. These are:

Being tempted by a cheaper and smaller device many organisations fall into a vicious circle of buying and replacing cheap desktop printers. These devices do not come with a service agreement, hence the frequent replacement.

Not considering the cost of toner when purchasing a cheap desktop printer, the cost of toner may not have even entered your mind. Smaller and cheaper desktop printers consume toner at a much faster rate.

Not monitoring the cost of printers in your organisation we are continuously surprised at the number of organisations that do not monitor and manage the cost of printing. Desktop printers and toners are treated as a consumable product and are often grouped with an organisations stationery spend. The true cost of printing, which can equate to 5% of your turnover, is often unknown to business owners.

Avoid a costly printer, whether you are looking for a single printer, or printers to complement your existing fleet of photocopiers, we can help.