Software solutions

Geerings have developed software solutions to help organisations manage the way they deal with paper. From controlling print output to automating a mail room – we have a solution. Prior to recommending a software solution we undertake a full site survey in order to understand your specific needs. We can then build a package that will work for you. All of our packages are modular and scalable. From simply converting a PDF to excel, or implementing a full print management solution across multiple sites, we will have a solution that fits your requirements.

Print management

We partner with Papercut and Equitrac, the market leading providers of print management software. These print management solutions help companies gain control and management of their printing to reduce costs and increase document security. Our printing software solutions can deliver these benefits by automatically enforcing printing rules, authenticating users and accurately identifying and allocating document costs.

Document management

Even businesses who deal with low volumes of paperwork still find their teams spending lots of time on low-value activities such as filing and looking for paper documents.

Document Management services are powerful tools aimed at increasing productivity, reducing costs and helping document workflow. A good example of this is how we use our own system. To retrieve a file we used to have to go to a bank of filing cabinets and find the correct file (hoping it had been put back in the correct place). We would normally copy the contents and then refile the original. The whole process took about 10 minutes. With our document management system we can now retrieve files within 10 seconds. In addition we no longer have to retrieve archived files. This means that if you are using an offsite storage company you will not have to pay retrieval costs.

After speaking to many companies about their requirements for document management it became very clear to us that they were simply looking to store and retrieve their documents. Most document management solutions talk about implementing document workflow solutions. In our experience this over complicates the software and unnecessarily increases the price. People are often surprised by the simplicity of our interface and the speed they can retrieve documents.

Scanning solutions

These days scanning documents is an important part of any business. But many companies still don’t have a reliable way of storing the scanned documents. By implement one of our scanning software solutions you can easily attach the scan to your existing software packages. We have worked with various accounts packages, case management systems and CRM systems to allow documents to be attached to the correct record directly from the copier.